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Lizards - Vertebrates Slideshow

Lizards and Reptiles Lizards can be found in the same grouping with snakes. Snakes are considered legless lizards. What separates lizards from snakes? Legs. Sure there are some other traits that make them different. All snakes have scales while lizards have eyelids and ears. As we mentioned, there are very few venomous species of lizard. As scientists have studied lizard physiology, they are discovering more toxic species of lizard. They might not be a danger to us, but smaller animals need to watch out.

As with other reptiles, lizards are found in many ecosystems. They are in deserts, forests, grasslands, and even in the ocean. If you visit Central America, you may see iguanas swimming through the breakers. Chances are, you can find one of the thousands of lizard species in the nearest park. They might be out there eating the grasses or hunting small insects. If you live in the south pacific, you might know of monitor lizards that hunt small animals.

Image Credit: Andrew Rader Studios

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