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Scientific Studies Videos

The Scientific Method The Scientific Method
A quick overview of the steps involved in the scientific method. (NASA)
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Data Collection and Variables Data Collection and Variables
Take a trip on NASA's flying laboratory to learn how data is collected and analyzed. (NASA)
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Analyzing and Collecting Data Analyzing and Collecting Data
Set up a matrix, make observations, and collect data during an experiement. (NASA)
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Experiments with Microbial Cultures Experiments with Microbial Cultures
Set up an experiment to test for microbes and learn about variables. (NASA)
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Microorganism Videos

Bacteria Basics Bacteria Basics
Learn about different types of bacteria and their roles in nature. (NASA)
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An Epidemic Experiment An Epidemic Experiment
A classroom experiment shows how to find the source of an epidemic. (NASA)
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Animal Systems Videos

Human Body Systems Human Body Systems
A quick overview of some of the systems inside the human body. (NASA)
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How the Ear Works How the Ear Works
A short look at the structure and function of the inner ear. (NASA)
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Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems
An overview of biological organization that starts with cells and finishes with complex animal systems. (NASA)
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Immune System Immune System
An overview of the human immune system and how infections affect the body. (NASA)
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