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Prokaryote Organisms - Kingdoms Slideshow

Examples of prokaryote species

As scientists have learned more about microscopic organisms and prokaryote species, biological classification has changed. Even though bacteria and archaebacteria are incredibly simple and don't even have nuclear membranes, they make up two major domains. These are the simplest creatures on Earth (and the most difficult to see). They might float in the oceans or freshwater locations. They are even found in your bodies. If they are in your bodies, they might be diseases trying to infect you.

Let's take a quick look at the Bacteria and Archaea domains. The bacteria grouping should be simple for you. They are single-celled organisms with a cell wall and no nuclear membrane. Your first experience with bacteria might have happened when you got sick. Doctors prescribe antibiotics to stop bacterial infections.

The Archaea group is made up of simple organisms without a nuclear membrane. They are different from bacteria because they replicate their proteins and DNA in a different manner. They even have some traits of eukaryotic cells. It gets a bit complicated, but the differences are in the molecular biology. You will find many of these species in extreme environments such as sewers, geysers, or the intestines of animals.

Image Credits: CDC

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