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Ferns - Plants Slideshow

Ferns are often found on forest floors

It's time for the fern species. We have two slides on ferns, one looking at the general makeup of ferns and a second on cool structures.

There are about 20,000 species of ferns across the world. You will often find them in shady moist areas. Ferns don't produce seeds and release spores so a regular source of water in the area is important for reproduction. We often find ferns on forest floors. This image was taken in a forest of Oregon. Fog rolled in regularly, keeping the ground and plants moist. The easiest place to see ferns is probably in someone's house. They make great indoor plants.

Unlike horsetails, ferns have true leaves with large fronds to gather the Sun's energy. While they are rarely used in today's societies, extinct fern forests are very important. Much of that biological material became coal over millions of years.

Image Credit: Andrew Rader Studios

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