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Turtles - Vertebrates Slideshow

Turtles and Reptiles Ahhh, the mighty turtles. Unfortunately, these reptiles have been prey to humans for hundreds of years. Most animals don't hunt turtles because of their shells. Humans just rip the shells off and take what they need.

It's ironic that even humans who are trying to be nice can hurt turtles. Many people who raise turtles in their homes return them to the wild when they get too big. Those turtles can be returned to the wild with illnesses (even a cold) that wild turtles can't survive. The pet turtles pass their infection to wild turtles and often kill portions of the population. If you can't take care of your turtle, please give it to a turtle rescue.

We don't really need to tell you what makes turtles special. They have shells. Like other reptiles, they lay eggs and depend on the Sun to keep themselves warm. It's the shell thing that is special. Turtles can be found in almost every environment. There are sea turtles that spend their lives swimming in the ocean. There are turtles in freshwater habitats and wetlands. There are even turtles crawling through the hot deserts of the world.

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